The Chinese Communist Party must Handle Ding Jiaxi’s Case Publicly, Fairly, and Transparently

To: Minister Zhao Kezhi,

      Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China

      14 East Chang An Street, Dong Cheng District

      Beijing 100741, China


CC: Mr. Li Dengquan

       Linyi Municipal Public Security Bureau,

       #7 Shanghai Road, Lanshan District,

       Linyi, 276000, Shandong Province, China


CC: Ambassador Cui Tiankai

       Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States of America

       3505 International Place, N.W.

       Washington, D.C. 20008 U.S.A.

On December 26, 2019, Ding Jiaxi was forcefully taken away by Yantai Public Security Bureau in Shandong province for participating in a private friends’ gathering at Xiamen, Fujian province. He has been kept in secret detention under “residential surveillance at a designated location” since then and he has had no access to his family and his lawyers. Ding Jiaxi was formally arrested by Linyi Public Security Bureau of Shandong province on June 19 and was moved to Linshu Detention Center under a fake name so that no one can request to visit him. His lawyers’ requests to meet him were also denied by the authorities.


From reliable sources, whose identities we will not reveal out of concern for their safety, we also have learned that Ding Jiaxi has indeed been tortured, as we feared, while kept under residential surveillance at a designated location in Yantai.


By secretly detaining and torturing Ding Jiaxi, the Chinese authorities have violated Chinese laws and the international human rights laws that the Chinese government committed to abide by.


We demand that the Chinese authorities abide by the Chinese Constitution, the Criminal Procedure Law of People’s Republic of China, and the international laws. Based on these laws, we demand in particular that they do the following:

  1. Guarantee Ding Jiaxi’s right to meet his lawyers. Guarantee his lawyers’ right to practice in their representation of Ding Jiaxi, including their full access to the case file and their right to defend Ding Jiaxi. 

  2. Guarantee Ding Jiaxi’s right to communicate by letter with his family and his lawyers.

  3. Truthfully publicize his current physical and mental condition as proof that he is not subject to continuous torture.

  4. Conduct Ding Jiaxi’s case publicly, fairly, and transparently for all to see.


In China, a website sponsored by the People’s Supreme Court livestreams over tens of thousands of court hearings on a daily basis, but few, if any, cases of human rights have been broadcast to the public.


We are watching Ding Jiaxi’s case closely without fail. We will not hesitate to expose to the international community any wrongdoings of the Chinese judiciary against Ding Jiaxi.


Unless the Chinese authorities handle Ding Jiaxi’s case in an open, fair and transparent manner, until the Chinese authorities meet the above requests to our satisfaction, we demand Ding Jiaxi’s immediate and unconditional release!


2019年12月26日,丁家喜因参与在福建省厦门市的一个私人聚会,被山东省烟台市公安局强行带走,被 “指定居所监视居住” 秘密关押六个月不予律师会见。2020年6月19日,丁家喜被山东省临沂市公安局正式逮捕并被移送临沭县看守所,但被化名关押,被继续与外界隔绝。他的律师要求会见的申请也遭到警方的拒绝。








1. 允许并安排辩护律师会见丁家喜,保障律师依法行使代理和辩护权,包括律师了解案情及其他应予公开的案情信息;

2. 准许并保障辩护律师及家人与丁家喜互相通信;

3. 如实公布丁家喜的身体和精神健康状态,保证不继续对丁家喜实施酷刑;

4. 完全公开、公正、透明地审理丁家喜案。








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